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Limestone Ore


Limestone is a sedimentary rock composed primarily of calcium carbonate (CaCO3) in the form of the mineral calcite. It most commonly forms in clear, warm, shallow marine waters. It is usually an organic sedimentary rock that forms from the accumulation of shell, coral, algal, and fecal debris. It can also be a chemical sedimentary rock formed by the precipitation of calcium carbonate from lake or ocean water.

Limestone is by definition a rock that contains at least 50% calcium carbonate in the form of calcite by weight. All limestones contain at least a few percent other materials. These can be small particles of quartz, feldspar, clay minerals,pyrite, siderite, and other minerals. It can also contain large nodules of chert, pyrite, or siderite.

The calcium carbonate content of limestone gives it a property that
is often used in rock identification – it effervesces in contact with a
cold solution of 5% hydrochloric acid.


Calcium Carbonate manufactured by CGREL is acid soluble grinded Calcium Carbonate. It is used as a Bridging and a weighing agent used in drilling. It is used to increase mud density and is preferred to Barite as it is acid Soluble. It is grinded in three sizes Coarse, Medium and Fine

It is essentially a Bridging and a weighing agent for controlling Fluid loss and Density. It can be used in both oil based and water based Fluid Systems. Coarse Calcium Carbonate  is used essentially as a weighing agent whereas Calcium Carbonate Medium and Calcium Carbonate Fine are used for bridging and seepage control.


  • Acid Soluble and helps in clean up
  • Effective bridging agent, Inert and relatively insoluble
  • Excellent Weighing agent
  • Available in 3 grades: Coarse, Medium and Fine so the most suitable size can be used to Suit exact application.


Physical State Fine white free flowing Powder
Specific Gravity 2.6-2.7
Water Soluble Content <1 %
Solubility in 15% HCl >96%
Moisture Content <2%


Calcium Carbonate Grade Micron Rating
Extra Fine D50 =2-5 Micron
Fine D50 =10-14 Micron
Medium D50 = 135-165 Micron
Coarse D50= 550-650 Micron


Calcium Carbonate manufactured by CGREL is packed in 50 KG HDPE bags/1.5 Mt Jumbo Bags Private Labelling and customized packaging is also available on request

Safety and Handling:
Calcium Carbonate manufactured by CGREL must be handled as a Industrial chemical, wearing protective equipment and observing the precautions as mentioned in the MSDS.


Additional Information
Weight 17 kg
Dimensions 80 × 50 × 10 cm
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